14 Ways to Express Your Love from Famous Writers

It’s almost Valentine’s Day. For some, it’s a time to spend quality time with the one they love. Others, they could care less and are relaxing at home.

Which one will you be? Are you trying to figure out the perfect date? Hanging with your friends for a “Gal-entine’s Day” celebration? Or Feeling this is another day of the year card companies like to shove down our throats so we can spend lots of money.

Seriously, look at how much we spent last Valentine’s Day.

If you are looking forward to sweep someone off their feet or enjoying the company of your best friend, maybe you want to give in to the card company empire and get something that expresses exactly how much they mean to you.

Except for one thing: you’re in the store, reading a $5 card that rhymes the word “love” with “above” and “dove,” and in this moment, your mind says: this. sucks.

So, you decide you want to write your own card. No big deal, go to the dollar store, grab a blank card, and place your words on the paper. Seems easy. Then you draw a blank. How do you convey your thoughts without spending your coffee money?

Well, thank goodness for writers. They’ve been writing love letters for centuries.

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I’m not saying to just copy and paste word for word what a famous author wrote. You can paraphrase a little bit. Well, maybe, but why not at least give them proper credit, okay? 🙂 But writers have done the hardest work and wrote some of the greatest love letters to their significant other, friends, and even pets. Yup, pets.

You want that list now, don’t ya? I’m not gonna waste anymore of your time.

Here are the 14 Ways to Express Your Love From Famous Writers:

Love Equals Food:

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” – Charles Schultz

Keep it Simple:

“Love loves to love love.” – James Joyce

When You Love Your Pets as Children:

“Only thing can resolve conflict is love, like I felt for Fletch and Ruski, Spooner, and Calico. Pure love. What I feel for my cats present and past. Love? What is it? Most natural painkiller what there is. LOVE.” – William S. Burroughs

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?” – Charles Dickens

For Your BFF:

“I dig Toni, and I trust her.” – James Baldwin on Toni Morrison

“We saw each other every day, and were as fond of each other as men could be. Nobody (my dear mother excepted, of course) felt so positively sure of the future before me in Literature, as Dickens did.” – Wilkie Collins on Charles Dickens

“Hard to say why, but at bottom was a shared delight and amazement at the sheer strangeness of the universe, in stories, in obscure details, in strange old books in unregarded bookshops.” – Neil Gaiman on Terry Pratchett

The Flipside: When You Gotta Move On:

“I am better at dry sadness than at cold anger, for I remained dry eyed until now, as dry as smoked fish, but my heart is a kind of dirty soft custard inside.” – Simone de Beauvoir to Nelson Algren

“My life was better before I knew you. That is, for me, the sad conclusion of this sad year.” – Edith Wharton to W. Morton Fullerton

“Our ill-fated and most lamentable friendship has ended in ruin and public infamy for me…and the thought that loathing, bitterness and contempt should for ever take that place in my heart once held by love is very sad to me…” – Oscar Wilde to Lord Alfred Douglass

Get a Little Steamy:

“I will cover you with love when next I see you, with caresses, with ecstasy.” – Gustave Flaubert to Louise Colet

“Everything you do gets me hotter than hell…” – Charles Bukowski to Linda King

Finish on a Happy Note:

“I am nearly mad about you, as much as one can be mad…I can no longer think of nothing but you.” –Honoré de Balzac to Countess Ewelina Haska

“I am going to bed with my heart full of your adorable image…” – Napoleon Bonaparte to Josephine de Beauharnais

I’m gonna say these are definitely better than a card from the store!

All of these have passion, even when they’re heartbroken. Expressing your love is to be vulnerable, and writers are masters at it. Let it inspire you to open up and share your feelings with someone.

Until next time, cheers!

How will you express yourself this Valentine’s Day? Leave a comment below! 

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