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Happy Saturday!

This is a short post, but it is one that needed to be written, and hopefully it’s something you can take away from.

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This is about an update on my website. I have changed my About Page considerably.

Why would I change my About Page? For starters, my first About Page was all about ME. I was telling my story of how I loved writing, and how I got back into it. But that isn’t the right approach. IT wasn’t focused on what the reader can get out of it when they come to my page.

[Tweet “The best approach is what my About Page does for the reader.”]

I write this for you, so that way you can see how it caters to your reader. It doesn’t matter if your blog is for your family and friends, or you want to reach millions of people, you can’t be selfish and make it about you. Well you can, but you have to write it so the reader thinks it’s about THEM.

If you have a life-changing story to tell, you can write that in your About Page, but make sure to write it so the reader can think “I’m going through the same thing as this person, maybe they can help me out.” Even if you want to write about cats, make it so the reader feels like you’re talking to THEM about THEIR cats.

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So, that’s it for this post. Just wanted to give you a quick tip for the weekend.

And let me know if my About Page is for you. Cheers!

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