A recent photo of me. Trying to be cool.

Hey, I’m Renayle.

I write sh*t that people read and go:


I write sh*t so someone else can relax with a Mai Tai and not worry their f*cking heads off.

I am Batman. With a pen. And less money.

You need help writing? Shine a bat signal. Or don’t, cause we don’t wanna get sued. Put out a quill signal then.

The writer’s calling signal when someone needs help.


I’m passionate about writing. I’ve done it since I was a kid. I studied it in college because what else was I gonna study? (Rhetorical question.) For the past 6 years, I’ve written articles and blog posts and hotel reviews for other people, because I love to do it. No other reason why.


Oh wait, there is.


Writing is storytelling. I love to tell stories. Not like talking in front of people, because I hate speaking of any kind, but the stories you read over and over again and feel connected to it. That’s ME. So I write.

Oh, I also write a sh*t ton of stories that get buried under my bed of broken dreams. Let’s resurrect those motherf*ckers! I’m gonna get published and be a mediocre author! Hell yeah!

Also, I swear a lot. Because science says it’s good.

Here’s a sweeter About Me:

I am thankful to have a love of writing, and I want others to feel the same way I do without being overwhelmed with all the advice out there. My goal is to make sure whoever reads my blog, works with me, or uses one of my courses is satisfied they’ve overcome their biggest writing fears and have the confidence and creativity to show the world their work.


All right, I’ll wrap this kitty up, because food. And because About pages shouldn’t be long and drawn out.

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  4. A vodka lemonade recipe. Because, vodka. All the great writers drunk it. Maybe.

That’s it. Oh, here’s a picture of my cat Princess.

She looks innocent….


I love cats. And Corgis, goats, and penguins.

You can email me a picture of those animals, or legit questions or comments at admin(at)finkthewriter(dot)com. Put the symbols in place of the parenthesis. Cause spam.




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