April 2015 Goals

Happy April everyone!

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I love when April rolls around on the calendar. It means that winter is officially over, and I can start thinking about wearing short sleeve shirts (which I did a couple days ago when the temps soared into the 70s!). These first three months were particularly tough on me, as nearly everyone in my family got sick, and I was helping my mom go through some silly court stuff.

Now, we are all well and the court case got dismissed, so now I can relax!

I think that’s why I haven’t written any stories, or sporadically would write. I was mentally drained, and now I can enjoy the longer days and go write outside. Well soon, it is still a bit brisk in Chicago.

The reason for this post is to not only get my writing muscles some work, but to actually put my goals out on the internet for everyone to see. I write them on paper, but I want to be more accountable and I feel it’s best if I have people looking out for me, gently tapping me on my shoulder.

So, here’s what I look forward to doing in April:

goals april 2015


I will be reviewing books this month, once a week. However, I will be focusing on a theme: baseball. It’s my favorite sport, and as you noticed in my writing series in March, I am excited it’s starting (let’s go White Sox!).  Unlike my other reviews, these will be on Sundays, because the season starts tomorrow. I will also work to get #baseballbooktag trending. So keep an eye out on my YouTube channel for the new vids!

I am also participating in an April book challenge for Goodreads. I got paired with a buddy, and we will be reading 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher. That will also be on my channel on the last Friday of April.

Finally, because I need more books to read, I’m going to go through Wurthering Heights and Gone Girl, because I took them out the library and need to return them this month, and The Art of Work, because I am a huge fan of Jeff Goins, and was so excited to get this book. These will also be reviewed on my blog and YouTube.


I have at least two dozen short stories and two novels that I need to get cracking on. I am going to focus on a couple of short stories to send to literary companies, and I hope they get published. I am also going to add at least a couple chapters into my novels.

I am working on my eBook, and hope to release that by mid-April. I will also give it away for free, and you can sign up for my newsletter here and be the first to grab the book. I won’t give it away for free forever, and probably to the first 100 subscribers. So get on it and sign up here!

I am also going to work on getting more clients, and writing more content for companies. I need to make money to get more books, ya know.

Other Stuff:

I hope to use my living social coupon for a pole dancing class. Why? why not!

I also want to give up sugar and processed foods as much as possible this month. I usually cook, but when I work at nights, it is harder to keep to eating healthy. I am going to plan my meals again, and stop going for fast food. That’s hard when your friends want to eat after working!

Speaking of working, I also start working at the ballpark for my 15th(!) season. I love the sights and smells of baseball, and seeing everyone. I am also gearing up for the hockey playoffs, where I do the same work as the ballpark.

That’s it for my April goals. I would love to hear your goals for this month. Leave a comment below.


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