Around the Web: Aug 1st

Welcome to August!

Finally, after wondering where in the world I’ve been, I am finally back with Around the Web!

To be honest, there hasn’t been much to tweet about in the summer, and it’s disappointing. But most people are on vacation, and I can see that. I wish stuff was done ahead of the summer schedule.

I can’t complain. I haven’t written in over a month. I’ve been enjoying summer also.

Well, as we wind down the last good month of vacation time, glance at these links from the past few weeks.


around the web August 1st 2015

It’s not easy to build a blog as a business.

Here is a look at how Kenya is growing when it comes to blogging.

Writing letters is a lost art form, and we should get back to it.

5 Ways You can Increase Your Blog Post’s Likes and Shares

If you feel like you’re not productive in your writing, try these tips.

Unfortunately in China, it is near impossible to blog.

I need to print this out and plaster this on my wall.

Another advantage of writing consistently.

Why didn’t I see this weeks ago?



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