Around the Web: June 13th

Good Morning!

I have moved Around the Web to Saturdays because I do book reviews on Fridays, and wanted to keep that the same. Sure, I could have done both on Friday, but hey, this is news stuff, and news is posted on Saturdays anyways.

I have been reading a lot of articles these past couple weeks, and the theme for most of them has been getting into a writing habit. These will be great to look over, as summertime is perfect to work on your cat alien novel or whatnot. You’ll see my post on crazy ways to get your writing muscles going on Monday, but check these out for now, and then start creating something awesome!

around the web June 13th

Live an Awesome Life Worth Writing About

Journal So You Can Get Some Writing Done

Why Being a Journalist Can Help You Fiction Writing

Being a Creative is a Love-Hate Relationship

Write paragraphs that Make People Read

Be a Memorable Writer

Your Real Life is Just As Interesting As Fiction

Went on Vacation and Can’t Get Back Into Writing? Here’s How

Another Way to Write Something That People Will Love

Make Your Writing Stand Out, and There’s Swearing Involved

Writing Helped This Woman Cope With Deaths in Her Family

Going on Vacation? Get to Writing!

But First, Here’s a Way to Build a Writing Habit

Want to Get Into a Writing Habit? You Can Start a Blog

Google News Can Help You Jump Start Your Writing

Movies Were Written by People, After All

Use the Dead to Get Your Writing Going

To Write Consistently or to Write on a Whim? The Answer May Bother Some

Now that You are Getting Into a Habit, Here’s How to Stay With It

There you go! These should help you get into a writing habit so you can spend the hot summer days creating something awesome. Now, if you have something to add to this list, please leave a comment below!

Until next time, Cheers!

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