Around the Web: May 1

Around the Web May 1st

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it’s May already!

I know, I’ve been bad, not posting a lot in April and all. I really need to work on that. Don’t be made at me please.

But I am changing that.

I thought it would be good to keep myself on track by having weekly roundup of news and notes on writing that I constantly find on the internet.


People who don’t check my Twitter feed constantly or aren’t connected with me on LinkedIn or Google Plus don’t see what I’ve shared, so I wanted to post weekly what I’m reading and sharing that makes a super impact on your writing.

This keeps with my goal of writing 100 blog posts, but to also share what keeps me going and why I shared it. You now have a blueprint you can reference and not miss out!

So, here is a list of awesome articles that got my attention. This first one is super long, because I’m catching up on my news feeds from the last two weeks. Oops!

So here we go!

Around the Web:

Spoiler alert: you can!

This is a great list to keep when tax season comes later.

This is for you when you feel stuck in your writing. A good 30 minutes of great advice.

Snapchat is revolutionizing how freelancers connect.

Yes, even great writers of great shows have struggled.

Pretty explanatory.

I better get started on this!

Some good points on having a newsletter, but don’t get too crazy with it.


Learn new things and make money doing it.

Another great way to get your creative juices going.

How creating your own writer’s group can help your writing.

Now you’ve got an awesome post, now you need to get clicks!

And I missed it too. 🙂

Okay, I’m done for this week!

Whew, this is a lot! but, I promise these will be much shorter come the next weeks. Let me know if this helps you, or you want to have content about something else.



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