Learn how to be a better reader immediately: The bottom line about print and electronic.

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We’re about a 1/3 done with summer, baby!

Here, it’s been warm and muggy during the work week, then a storm comes in by the weekend and we get a bit of a cool down. It starts right back up again on Monday. Except this week it’s just plain hot till Monday. I love summer till it’s a heat index of 100 to 110 degrees, then I curse the whole day while refusing to go outside after 12 noon and instead sit under a blanket (because air conditioning freezes me, go figure) and read.

If you’re like me, you’re also dealing with deadly amounts of heat and avoiding nature. What better way to hide then with a book?

Summer is the perfect time to read a book. You’re outside a lot more, the sun feels good on you, and spending hours on the porch reading is the best way to end a long work day. Seriously, we have sunlight until 8:30 p.m.!

You might be reading this and going “But, aren’t you all about writing? Why would I want to spend my time reading when I can be creating awesome novels?”

Because this: you can’t be a great writer without being a great reader. Point blank.

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So, combine this warm weather with a book, and you’ll spend hours indulging on a story. You’ll start to notice characters more. You’ll get a sense of another writer’s style and how it inspires you. (Inspire, not steal. Don’t be plagiarizing up in there.) You may also want to write a piece of fan fiction for the book.

“But, where do I begin? How many books should I read? What should I read?”

Hold on there, buddy. So you’re in the store and see a bunch of best sellers and are paralyzed with fear on picking a great book. Here’s where I come in and save your summer for you.

learn to be a better reader immediately

Yup, I’m gonna help you become a better writer by being a better reader!

In this summer series, I’ll help you out with everything book-related, from what books to pick, to how to read them, to noticing when a book was made into a movie (and if you should watch it instead). The goal of these posts is to have you reading a lot more than you did last summer, and taking it beyond the warm days and nights.

Are you ready? Do you have what it takes? Will you join me? Should I stop now?

better reader bottom line

In this first part of being a better reader, we’re looking at what device you should be using to read books. There’s a healthy debate on if electronic devices (i.e. Kindle) help you read more books, or the feel of actual print is the way to go. But before we dive into that, here’s some neat statistics on the history of book reading:

better reader history of books

Wowza! I didn’t think there was that much info out there! Awesome sauce!

So, now you know there’s a posse of readers out there, but you’re still hung up on getting an ebook or going for paperback/hard cover. Don’t hyperventilate. Here’s some pros and cons of each reading method.

better reader print ebook


Boom! You have pointers laid out in front of you to decide which method you should use to becoming the ultimate reader.

You’re probably wondering what’s my favorite method, and it’s…….ebooks! Occasionally I love to have a physical book in my hands, but ebooks are cheaper and I can add as many titles as I want to my Kindle app on my iPad. That and I totally ran out of room in my home to buy any more books. 😉

Hope you enjoyed part one! Next week, we’re diving into the top books of 2016 thus far. It’s an easy way for you to pick a book because, well, everyone else did.

Until next time, cheers!

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