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Book Review: The Intern Series, and Why Erotica is a Good Summer Read

the intern

Lust. Conspiracy. Sex. Love. And that’s just one book.

Today’s book review is a series that goes into the erotic thriller genre, and yet doesn’t seem like a bunch of fluff.

The Intern is a series of books written by Brooke Cumberland, a USA Today best-selling author. She wrote this trilogy, and added a novella After the Internship, for her fans.

As the title suggests, the intern is a young woman who is looking for clues about her father’s death, and she lies her way into a powerful investigative firm, and starts working for the son, a former playboy and model who gave up his career because his father wanted him too. There is lots of tension, a happy ending, and definitely sex.

It’s a light read that’s great for the summer, but why do most people pooh-pooh erotic thrillers or romance novels? Some seem to be full of fluff and too simple, but they’re needed right alongside classic fiction work.

Check out the video below, and let me know: Do you enjoy reading erotic fiction?


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