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How to Crush Your Writing Blocks with Planners

crush writing blocks with planners

I’m gonna admit something: I am a planner hoarder.

Don’t take me to a store, don’t tell me about some awesome sale online, and most importantly, don’t give me a planner.

Why? Because I will use it like crazy. Even if you give me the ugliest planner on the planet, I will find some use out of it.

If you’re reading this and thinking I’m kinda crazy, well, congrats. I am. 🙂

The thing is, I love to use all different kinds of planners for every part of my life. I used to use one to manage work, life, health, and so on, but I feel having multiple planners is like reading multiple books at the same time: there is less chance I will become bored with using one thing at a time, and it’s easier for me to have separate planners so I can see things clearer instead of everything on one page.

Now, if you can handle one planner, then I salute you.

As I said, I have planners for work, health, and life. I also have one for writing.

Do you need one for writing? Yes you do.

If you want to get into a writing habit, you better set a schedule for yourself. Some people can wing it and write on the fly and it’s gold. Others need time to sit and put words on the page. I’m the latter.

Now, if you’re still not convinced, here are some reasons why using a planner can get you through your writing blocks.

You stay on track with your writing schedule.

If you just say “I’ll write everyday at 4:30,” but don’t put it on paper, you’ll forget. I know smartphones have alarms and apps that you can use, but it’s something about forcing yourself to get a pen and putting it on paper that is worthwhile. Then, when I cross it off my list, it’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. You can dismiss alarms or turn your phone off. That paper ain’t going anywhere!

You have a place to look at your goals.

Putting it down on paper brings me to this point. Having a planner makes me look at it everyday. I see what goals I want to accomplish. A planner keeps me from forgetting and to not slack off. (Yes, I do get busy and I forget to write!) If you are a visual person, a planner helps so much.

They keep your thoughts in one place.

If I have a thought about a character, I jot it down and put it in my planner that’s just for writing. It doesn’t get thrown in with grocery lists or when I should workout. It’s a separate drawer in my dresser life.

What planners am I using this year?

It took me a few days to find planners that I would not only use daily, but would help me achieve my goals. So far, I’m not disappointed. Here are the three I’m using (click on each one to get more info):

Dailygreatness Wellness Journal: A Holistic Guide for Health, Wellness & Vitality

So, I’ve been off my health game this holiday season due to a family emergency. So, when I decided to get back to eating right and exercising, I wanted something to keep me on track. Not only is it a journal, but there are check-ins and training tips to keep me focused.

(Note: If you click on the book, you get 5% off! Also, I get a 10% referral commission.)

Passion Planner Undated Monday Classic in Paradise Blue

Apparently, these are a big hit, and I’d never heard of them until a month ago. However, I can see why! There’s a passion roadmap that helps you set goals, and monthly reflection questions. that and it’s a pretty color. 🙂

Create Your Shining Year In Biz + Life 2017 Workbook

This is my third year using these, and there’s a reason: Not only do you spell out your goals, you break them down into actionable pieces so you don’t get overwhelmed. Plus it’s pretty! And they’re on sale for half off!

(Note: Clicking the link gives me a little commission.)

Let me hear from you! How do you use planners? Leave a comment and tell me what you like (or dislike) about planners)

Until next time, cheers!


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