My Manifesto

I know I said I wouldn’t write for a while, but when Jeff Goins puts up a 7-day challenge, I accept.

Day One: Write a manifesto of what I’m about. I didn’t realize I had it in me to define it. This might end up as the home page. But for right now, enjoy! And please comment and share if you like it. 🙂

My manifesto for finkthewriter.com:

I am a writer. I have always enjoyed putting words to the page ever since I was a kid. Even through jobs, marriage, and becoming an adult, I’ve always enjoyed writing, even if it became sporadic.

The problem I see is how people try to put words to the page and it either comes out the wrong way or it doesn’t come out at all. I have family and friends constantly asking me how this or that would sound, or if I had any ideas on a slogan or a topic. Everyone always asks me “What do you think Nayle?”

I used to think (and kinda still do, lol) that this was frustrating and aggravating. I always thought, why do they need me? If they wanna know the definition of something, why don’t they look it up like i did? Or why ask me what I think about something they’re writing.

I’m coming to the realization that they see me as someone who would know. I studied journalism, I read a lot, and I WRITE. I am seen as someone who is qualified to give advice and help on writing.

Maybe I’ve just been scared all this time that I’m not an “expert” like the people I see all the time such as Jeff Goins. I kinda feel like a failure because I’m not “well-known.” And that is a fear I think we as bloggers can all relate to.

But, back to my manifesto. People struggle with putting words to the page. Is there a solution to this problem? How can we get people to write without having to stare at a blank page for hours, or even days? I think the best way to start writing and getting good at it is to start writing.

Sounds kinda weird, right? “I can’t write, so why are you telling me to write?”

But, like riding a bike, you’re not going to get good at bike riding unless you put your butt on the seat and start pedaling. Such as writing. You won’t get good and learn to craft epic essays and write crystal clear until you start writing.

This would be the awesome thing called a habit. We need to get you into a habit of writing.

So, what would be the next steps? Well, I would be here to help you get into a writing habit. And no, I wouldn’t start you off with writing 5,000 words a day on climate change in Croatia. What I would do is guide you step by step, like riding a bike. You can’t just hop on and be awesome at it. You must train.

It would be getting you used to putting words down on the page consistently, and at a small pace. I want you to let go of that fear of not being good, and work on what you need to do to become the best writer in whatever occupation you do. I want you to be the go-to person when writing presentation slides, or even be able to post your sci-fi novel on Amazon and not blink twice.

So, let me help you unlock your awesome sauce so you can write 500 words in 15 min (Yes it only took me 15 min. And it can be a breeze for you too).

Here’s to going from zero to 500 words!


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