Rejuvenate, Regrow, and Re-evaluate: How to get Your Writing Back on Track

A trip to the doctor for me. A trip to the doctor for my mother. Parties and booze. This spelled me not putting up any blog posts. That and laziness.

For the last couple months, I went to the doctor for breathing problems while working a temp job downtown, and had to let it go earlier that expected. I also shuttled my mom to her doctor appointments as she continues to live with MS, and frankly it zaps the life out of you. Finally, let’s add in going to too many parties and enjoying myself.

Who has time to write a blog post? Who wants to write one?

Years ago, when this would happen, I’d think to myself “well, you missed a couple months, no need to keep this blog.” This happened, oh, about four times. Another website would be deleted or abandoned. Then, I’d get an itch to create again and start up again.

I knew this year I was determined to keep up with this blog, yet, I was struggling to figure out why I didn’t want to blog.

Then it hit me. Spring. Yes, the season.

plants spring
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Have you noticed how people behave during the winter? Kinda slow, sluggish, not willing to do anything. They just want to curl in bed. Even in the nicest climates, I would think that people just want to hibernate instead of going out.

During winter, we get less sunlight. less sunlight means less happiness. It’s science! Lack of vitamin D in our bodies makes us feel crappy*. But, get into spring, with the longer sunlight hours and the weather getting warmer, it makes us feel alive. Spring is a good time to strap ourselves back into our habits and get going.

But, wait! I feel like a failure for not keeping up. How can I get back into it?

Great question. The best way to get back into a habit is to think like a flower. 

Flowers come alive in the spring time. They have spent the winter in hiding, but once the frost is gone, they show their beautiful petals of various colors. They do this year in and year out, as if they’re prepared for their do-over.

I will tie this into writing…now. Here are 3 ways to get back into your writing habit.

writing on track


When plants are in bloom, they are fresh and new, and it’s a wonderful process. This goes for your writing. This is a time to look at it in a fresh, brand new way. Review at your novel at a different angle. Free write on the joys of spring. Then you can start again with a boost of energy.


Spring means regrowth: each year, flowers have period of hibernation. You don’t see tulips in the wintertime, right? Tulips are perennials, flowers that grow back year after year. The bulbs, buried deep in the ground, are able to produce new flowers each spring.

To regrow your writing, think of it as a bulb. It’s always been there, and each spring you can jump back into it. So don’t feel bad if you put it off during the winter. It was meant to hibernate. Then you let it blossom onto the page.


Spring is a time to re-evaluate: the flowers are here, days start earlier and last longer, and outdoor festivals are in the spotlight. When we see all this happening, we get out our calendars and see what event we want to attend, or start to get back into exercising since the weather is nicer. We look over how the year is going, and plan for the last half of the year.

When you have a writing project that’s been sitting at your desk since January, take this time to look it over. Is this something you want to keep finishing? Or, perhaps, you should toss it in the trash because it ran its course, and you have your eyes on something else? Spring is the best time to decide what you want to do with your writing.

I don’t want you to beat yourself up because you stalled in your writing goals.

It happens to all of us. I’m not immune to it. That’s why I enjoy spring so much. It’s a time to take advantage of all the lush landscape and jump back into writing. Remember, the only time you won’t be happy about stalling is when you don’t start again. So jump back into writing. It’s never too late.

Thanks for reading this post! Could you do me a favor, and share this with others? You’re awesome!

*P.S. Told you sunlight was good.


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