Seven Ways to Write 500 Words in a Snap

seven ways to write 500 words in a snap

Do you dream of writing that awesome best-selling novel, but can’t get the nerve to type away for hours at a time?

Do you sit down at your keyboard, ready to write, and you draw a blank?

Is the idea of writing 500 words a day worse than getting a root canal?

I bet you raised your hand, even though I couldn’t see it. ūüėČ

That’s okay. I know it is a struggle for most people to get into a habit of writing 500 words a day. Heck, I have days where binge-watching Game of Thrones is better than pounding my fingers on my laptop.

Now, what if I told you that writing 500 words a day can be super easy? Now you’ve perked up, and I have your attention. Well, I’m going to show you how.

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Before putting¬†what is stuck in your brain on the page, “warm up” your writing muscles by writing about something that has nothing to do with your ideas. But, I’m not talking about the standard writing prompts where you describe an object in the room. These are things you probably do every day, just kicked up a notch.

Get your fingers used to cranking out 500 words on a regular basis with these seven tips:

One: Apply to job boards

“But I already have a job.”

I don’t care.

All I’m saying is to flex your writing muscles and pretend to need a job. Think outside the box and wonder what a¬†hiring manager¬†wants to hear from a potential client.

ACTION: Read through job descriptions, and pick one that sounds interesting to you. Write a cover letter up to 500 words.

Two: Respond to comments on a major news story

News stories¬†have hundreds of comments on there. Some with good insight, some really stupid, and a few that are hilarious. If you are brave enough, reply to one of those comments. Be warned, people get nasty on there, but don’t take it personally.

ACTION:¬†Find a news story and write a comment. It’s best to write something positive so you don’t get into a war of words.

Three: Answer questions in a forum

Plenty of forums (such as Quora) need people to answer questions that people have. If you are an expert in gardening, hop on these forums, check out the questions and give a complete answer. Most are about 100 words, so you write 5 answers, you hit your goal!

ACTION: Find a forum to answer questions in. Make sure you know what you are taking about.

Four: Write emails that are long overdue

Oh boy, you let your inbox get to full, didn’t ya? Take a day and go through them and apologize for the delay. Depending on the response needed, they can be from 10-100 words each.

ACTION: Clean out your inbox and reply to those emails.

Five: Post on social media

You do this everyday anyways. When you update your status, you’re writing words silly rabbit. you can write a few status updates¬†throughout the day. Spread those out to about 10 a day of 50 words each. This works¬†on all platforms except Twitter, since you’re limited to 140 characters, or 12-15 words. But if you reply to other people and re-tweet what they shared with some words of your own, you can hit the 500-word mark.

ACTION: Be more active on social media and post on various platforms.

Six: Write a letter to a celebrity

This is a common writing prompt to do, but take it¬†a little further. Find a celebrity you like or can’t stand, and just start writing. You will find you have a lot of opinions on the person, and then you’ve got 500 words. (Don’t send it though, since they rarely ever read them. But it’s fun to pretend to write to Channing Tatum about how awesome he his.)

ACTION: Find a celebrity and write a letter to them.

Seven: Text someone

While teenagers can get to this word count before lunch, it is harder for adults to do. Try this out¬†two ways: find a long-lost friend or relative you haven’t talked to, and just text away, do a group text with fiends and plan an outing together. We’re not built like teenagers, so don’t do this everyday. We don’t have the stamina.

ACTION:¬†Text someone you haven’t been in touch with, or start a group text about making plans.

Bonus: Set up your own blog

Duh! This is the obvious one. You can get a free account with Blogger or WordPress and setup in 2 minutes. You don’t even have to tell anyone you blog. It’s your online diary. You can have a fake name and just write about anything and everything.

ACTION: Set up a free blogging account.

These seven tips (and the bonus) help you get into a habit of writing 500 words a day until you can do it in your sleep.

Until next time, cheers!

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