Spring Training for Your Writing: Part Four

Hello! Here we are at Part 4 of the Writing Challenge!

baseball game

Did you miss the last parts of the series? Here’s a recap and links to click:

Part One is all about getting your ideas to report on the page.

Part Two is to take your ideas and make outlines for the ones that you want to.

Part Three is all about writing until your fingers fall off, or until you get all your thoughts on the page.

For Part 4, this is where it’s time to make it count. Let the games begin!

baseball game

Now, what do I mean by this, and how can you apply it to your writing? When teams starting playing against each other in spring training games, they not only are playing to win, but they see what is working and what’s not. The manager sees how well a rookie player is developing and if he needs to make changes to the lineup if a hitter is swinging home runs or always striking out.

When it comes to your writing, this is when you are going to make revisions and edits. You go over what you just wrote, and see where changes can be made. Maybe the theme of your story needs to be more specific, a scene needs to be cut out, or adding more details to a character to get the reader hooked.

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These edits help you become a better writer. But I don’t recommend doing an edit right away. Take at least one day to step away from your draft, and run errands or catch up with friends. Then you can come back with fresh eyes, and can see what you need to fix.

If you feel like there’s no need to edit, then take another day away from your writing. You’ll be surprised that there might even be a few words you accidentally spelled wrong, but weren’t caught in spellchecker. But really, editing helps you see that it’s okay to make changes, because if you decide to send your story to someone, they may want changes, and you have to accept it if you want it published. So take that time and take out what isn’t working in your writing.

So, be kind, and edit. Your story will thank you when you get paid for it or you get a good grade.

So, that is all for Part 4. I’m sad now, because Part 5 will be the last one. The last one will be all about what happens afterwards.

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Well, have a great week, and get to putting those ideas to the page! Cheers!

Do enjoy editing your work? Or would you rather keep everything you’ve written? Let me know in the comments!


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