Spring Training for Your Writing: Part Two

Here we are! Week Two of the Spring Training for your Writing series. Part One can be found here.

baseball game

In the first lesson, I emphasized the importance of having your ideas on the page first before you add anything else. That’s like having your pitchers and catchers report to spring training before the rest of the team arrives.

Now, in Week Two, the team arrives.

The whole team — the position players such as infielders and outfielders — now come down to join their teammates. Everyone gets together and start to gel so they can win as a team. They have practices on the field and stretch out their muscles before they start to play exhibition games.

The same goes with your writing.

Now that you have put your ideas on the page, it’s time to add a few more things to get your story going. You have went through and found a few ideas to really work with. This time, you can add to your ideas things such as structuring the idea, characters, scenery, or working on a plot. These can now work with your ideas, and begin the process of helping you write not only faster but smoothly.

Wow, that was quick! Yes, it doesn’t have to be tough to get into writing. The hardest part is to start, but once you have ideas down, you can add a plot or outline to them. Next Monday, we go into the team practice, which means we go into writing the first draft. This will be where the kinks get worked out.

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I hope you all enjoy your week, and get some writing done. Cheers!

What do you add to your ideas? Leave a comment below!

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