3 Reasons that Make Writing Wonderful

reasons writing is wonderful

Hello! This week, we’re going to fall in love with writing by talking about what makes writing wonderful. I know we all read and enjoy stuff other people write, but what makes people want to put their thoughts on the page? Also, why would we want to do that also? I’ve got three reasons writing is wonderful and make you start putting words on the page.


reasons writing is wonderful

One: It’s your own voice.

Your writing is unique to you. I don’t want you to think about “oh, someone wrote about space aliens already.” What are YOUR ideas on space aliens? What kinds of visuals are going through your head? That’s why people continue to put stories out for the world to see.

Marie Forleo says “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” That definitely applies to writing. We want to know your thoughts and opinions, so start to think about what you want to share with the world.

Two: It keeps you on track.

Don’t go and start thinking writing is only about making grocery lists. It’s about setting goals for yourself, be it losing weight or running a marathon, and yes, even writing a story. You’re not going to remember all of info in your head. I’ve tried. You know what happened? I forgot everything and was kicking myself for not writing it down.

That’s why writing is wonderful. You see your progress. You make your tweaks. It becomes magic. You’re happy and feeling all kinds of awesome.

Three: Your health improves.

Thank you science! Writing makes you feel better.

Are you stressed out at work? Write about it. Feel stuck in a job search? write about it. Worried about your next career move? You guessed it.

Now, while writing is valuable, this study wants you to write in the most organic way possible. I wouldn’t want you to force yourself to write, either. You’d make yourself even more stress. Maybe take time to create a relaxing environment, and once you’re feeling better, then you can write freely.

In a later post, I’ll talk about how you can make your space more writer friendly, complete with a free checklist. 😉

Also, another great reason writing is wonderful to your health is you communicate your feeling easier. When we get upset, we might think about shutting down instead of talking about what’s wrong. Obviously, keeping things in lets you continue to stay angry, leading to health risks like high blood pressure. We don’t want that.

By writing what bothers us down, we look at it, and able to speak about it clearer than if we talk about it while it’s in our head.

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I could keep going with many other reasons writing is wonderful, but I’ll end it here. I just want you to look at the big picture of consistently writing instead of thinking it’s all about books or blogging. You’ve got thoughts others could agree on, you stay on track with goals, and your health improves. If these three reasons don’t make you consider writing everyday, then take this quote from Jane Yolen:

Exercise the writing muscle every day, even if it is only a letter, notes, a title list, a character sketch, a journal entry. Writers are like dancers, like athletes. Without that exercise, the muscles seize up.

Next week, you need a nice space to enjoy writing without distractions. Or, if you need the sights and sounds of people, I gotcha covered there too.

Until next time, cheers!

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